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                                  By Mike Pezak
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Text Box:   The Hobo Nickel Group.

The Hobo Nickel Group is an interactive group of collectors and carvers. 

Meet other collectors. 
Ask question and post your comments to make your collecting experience more fun. 
Free photo album to show your collections
Monthly door prize. Win a hobo nickel from Mike Pezak.
See nickels from some of todayís modern carvers.  
Buy, sell and trade nickels with others in the group.  
Read the weekly ebay report about the hobo nickels youíre bidding on, find out what the other collectors have to say about a nickel before you bid.  
Best of all itís all FREE. Couresy of Groups.Yahoo,com  and Mike Pezak, The Hobo Nickel Guy.

The hobo nickel group was started to help new and seasoned collectors by answering questions and hearing what experienced collectors and carvers have to say about hobo nickel collecting. It is new and growing and fun for anyone interested in learning more about these wonderful miniature works of art.  

How do you join? Simply click the links below and you are on your way. You will need to have a Yahoo email account but thatís free to and only take a few minutes of time to get set up.
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Text Box: Is coin collecting your bag? This group is a must for any collector. 
USA Coin Group 
The group is dedicated to enhancing everyone's knowledge and enthusiasm in the U.S. numismatic field. The group members have a wide range of experience, from nationally renowned numismatists, to coin dealers, to the beginner collector. This group is set up to help answer your questions, help you build your collection, to talk amongst friends about coins and to give you the best possible advice and current information via the internet concerning coin collecting and numismatics. The groupís links are excellent resources and are well organized by subject matter. Discussion topics include U.S. coins, preservation/cleaning, mint errors, varieties, forgeries, counterfeits, altered coins, currency, and other numismatic related material, which can range from the earliest American colonial coins, territorial gold, patterns, CSA (Confederate States of America) currency and coinage, medals and tokens, bullion, commemoratives, up to the latest Westward Journey Nickels, Statehood Quarters and the upcoming Presidential Dollar Series.
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